A Different Kind of Barndoor

This door for me was very exciting. I was able to treat it like a piece of art and given freedom! It’s big and rustic and I love the metal handle that I made for it. It’s finally cooled off enough here in Texas for the forge to come back out. (sorry neighbors! I’ll bake you cookies)

My clients originally wanted another design, that I had sketched out. I am glad they didn’t go with the first door because at first, they wanted the door to match their kitchen while I was encouraging them to treat it as a unique piece.

It is hard when a client shows me a picture and wants the exact same version of something. I don’t like copying other people and I want to give them something custom. Even if its a few changes it makes a big impact.

My usual work consists of perfection when it comes to sanding and clean edges so I had a bit of a hard time banging this one up. I used the torch, tow chains, a grinder, different bolts, and my chisels. I was so anxious and kept walking away thinking I was doing too much. I had already put the door together so there really was no turning back.

It turned out so beautifully.

I used my charring technique before I applied the stain. The stain that I used is a mix of their cabinet color with a deeper red.

The metal studs were made right in my driveway on the antique anvil that my husband has. My kids were able to help make them and learn something new during the process.

The handle is an exaggerated version of the one that I was shown. This door is over 8ft tall so it needed to be paired well with the size.

I wasn’t able to install this door, but I am proud of what I created. I get so stressed out at times during the process but I always walk away happy and satisfied with my work.

Is this a style door that you like or is it too rustic? My neighbor said it looked like it came from a medieval remake. Ha! Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

– Dani

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