A Week of Meals

I get asked all the time about what exactly I feed our family. Followed up by “How much do you spend on groceries?” Easy answer “Too much!” We eat at home a majority of the time. More so now than when were traveling for the boys rugby tournaments. My family can only eat so many sandwiches before they start fighting back. You should hear them when I place vegetables in front of them. All the eye rolls.

I start by asking if anyone has any meal requests and go from there. I don’t like to serve the same cuisine two nights in a row so I will write out all of the meals and sort them by which day I will serve them based on the ingredients. If I am making roasted chicken, I will make two chickens and serve the whole chicken the first night and then use the leftover meat from the second chicken (I buy the double pack from Costco) for enchiladas. It saves me a bit of time, which couldn’t we all use more of that?

I try and stick to a weekly grocery haul but most of the time extras will pop up sending me back to HEB. Because, LIFE. I buy as much as I can from Costco. Sidenote. I think that they should give you a little ticket good for one free frozen margarita at the food court if your total hits a certain amount. When I had 4 teenage boys to feed if it weren’t for Costco I don’t think we could have done it. We averaged 10 gallons of milk per week, 12 dozen eggs, and I don’t even want to think about how many pounds of meat. I’m having anxiety just thinking back on it. Costco is my jam enough said.

This week we are having-

Pulled pork sandwiches on hawaiian rolls with salads.

Homemade burgers with loaded potato wedges and mixed veggies.

Chicken cacciatore with salads.

Homemade teriyaki chicken with rice and broccoli.

Pork carnitas with fried corn tortillas, black beans and corn.

Grilled chicken rice casserole with mixed veggies.

Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans and corn.

We are having a break from pasta completely this week so next week everyone will be asking for it again.

I always save the leftovers for the older guys when they get home from work or for practice the next day. They have 4 meals plus snacks a day and I can’t always be in the kitchen. Yes I still do a majority of the cooking for them. I love it. They know how to cook if they had to. I “spoil” them and I am trying to no longer apologize for it! Feeding my family makes me happy. Moving on.

I’m going to share our recipe for carnitas. We miss California for three reasons. Family, the beach, and the Mexican food. Sorry Texas. You just can’t compete. This will last us for three meals. We usually have this twice a month. Sometimes I can get the meat for less than a dollar a pound.

The night before we prep the meat. We rub the meat with the minced garlic and the seasonings. Chop the onions and slice the oranges and put them on top. Cover with foil and throw it back in the fridge. Put it in the oven at 250* for around 8 hours. More or less depending on how many pounds of meat.

My husband didn’t have the patience to wait for me to take a photo before he shredded the meat. He then puts the meat back in the oven on a low broil to crisp up the meat a bit. Again, no patience for the picture! But here is what we use the meat for.

We fry the corn tortillas in a cast iron skilled and sprinkle them with salt.  All of the kids will sneak off with one per batch while we are cooking them so it takes forever to get them all fried.

We missed National Tequila Day. Oops. I feel like there should be a calendar with all of these new holidays that I am constantly missing accidentally. I can’t keep up. So we are making margaritas! The recipe is super simple and beyond delicious.

3 oz tequila
2 oz triple sec
Entire lime, juiced
1 tbsp agave nectar
Shake well with ice
Use lime on the rim and salt.
Don’t feed the hipsters.
You’re welcome.

Do you have any family friendly meal ideas to share with me? I’m always adding to my Pinterest board but could always use different options!

Let me know if you make the carnitas!

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