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I always feel like Easter signals Spring & a new season of fun. We celebrate differently every year, but we always start the morning feeling beyond blessed and then the kids tear around for the egg hunt.

With my two youngest I feel like they are in the in-between stage for celebrating holidays. They are older so they can help decorate more and put their creativity to work. But, they won’t take pictures with the Easter bunny…not that I can blame them, honestly. They have more input in what they would like in their baskets, so as a Mom I feel like their maturity takes some of the surprises out of the day. So I try to be sneaky with their basket goodies when I can.
For our Easter eggs, I fill most of them with candy. The rest I fill with spare change, fishing lures, Shopkins & the two golden eggs will have a few dollars in them.
In their baskets, I always have a chocolate bunny, but no other candy. I will fill their baskets with spring essentials & fun items, most will be beneficial for them burning their candy egg energy off!

Here are a few of our favorite Easter basket ideas.

Water balloons
Sidewalk chalk
Pool floaties
Beach toys
Jump rope
Small Lego
Matchbox / Hotwheel cars
New ball – sports equipment
Art Supplies
Craft kits
Coloring Book
Slime Ingredients
Ready to plant pot & seed kit
Gardening gloves
Gardening tools
Gift Cards

We tried the tie-dye egg pack for the first time and loved how they turned out!
We wanted to tie-dye everything after the eggs

For decorating, I keep it pretty simple because clutter stresses me out. I also believe that when it comes to decorating less is more.

A small white rabbit, a pair of glittery signs, a simple garland, and one egg is all that we did in the living room.
Brooke snuck a few eggs onto our sign
She also added the eggs to our family photos
A few more eggs in the hallway

Do you have Easter traditions? What are your favorite ways to decorate or make Easter fun with your family? I’d love to hear how you celebrate. I got suckered into confetti eggs! Am I ready for the mess? We are going to spend Easter on the lake this year, fishing and kayaking. We will BBQ when we get home…Johnny wants to hunt for rabbits. That kid keeps me on my toes!
Thanks for reading – Dani

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