Big Fish

So we have finally agreed to let my son Johnny on social media. I will have complete access to it, of course. The Instagram will be on my phone and he has very strict rules to follow. He has been wanting to make a YouTube channel for months now and my husband and I have just been so hesitant for every bad reason you could think of! But we have decided to not live in fear, and allow him to express his creativity and to learn more about computers and what it takes to make videos, edit photos and everything that goes along with this new responsibility. Still…YIKES.

Johnny sat down with us and we drew him his logo and he had been liking the name Sweet Rabbit for a few months now. Do you remember the part in the newest Avengers movie where Thor calls Rocket “Sweet Rabbit”? Well we all got a laugh out of it and I jokingly started calling Johnny that and….it stuck! A funky call sign thats for sure…but hopefully a memorable one? Here is the logo….not so sweet after all is it?

He has been making his own fishing lures out of my scrap wood. He wants to start selling them and making tutorial videos. Again more life skills and forging the path for this little entrepreneur!

I want to let him have a library of his fishing & hunting stories and whatever opportunities come along with it! I love that he wants to inspire other kids his age to get outside and off the screens. I do see the irony of telling that message through a screen! He wants to show kids his age that they can do more than they think they can! I have so much respect his confidence!

Outside is definitely our favorite place to be and I love that so much.

Here he is on a pig hunt we did last spring. Looking forward to making new memories this season!

Fishing in Lake Sommerville, Texas

This is the headboard that he designed and made himself, with supervision of course.

Teach a man how to fish and he buys half of the stuff at Bass Pro Shops! I swear they spend more on fishing gear than I do at Target!

What are your thoughts about kids being on social media?

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