Boys Bathroom Refresh

When we bought this house I insisted on a beach theme for the bathrooms. The beach has always been our happy place. We miss it! My decision led to major eye rolls from my husband. “We are hundreds of miles away from the beach. You make no sense!” So I of course went for the beach theme anyway! No seashells or sea glass, just light blue colors and pretty photos of the beach. But it’s time for a change!

This bathroom has been used by all of the kids. This bathroom is attached to one of the bedrooms, and the little ones were in this room first. That explains the anchor with lights. Next we had three teenage boys, and then four, then back to three. These days the last two remain. I don’t often go in that bathroom for my own sanity but I had to the other day and I realized it needed a little facelift. (Along with a major cleaning) Nothing too major just change the theme. Without agreeing with my husband that it’s because we are hundreds of miles away from the beach. It’s because of that cheesy light up anchor I had in there for a night light while the little ones used that bedroom. Oops. Sorry guys.

The twins liked the side table tray that I made my husband for Father’s Day and I have already made a double toilet paper holder for our half bath so I am going to run with the metal plumbing look.

There isn’t much cabinet space so the extra toilet paper is usually stacked on top of the toilet. Not too big of a deal but I can change that. I didn’t want to do floating shelves and I remembered seeing a toilet paper holder using several license plates but I only have one! So I figured I could make a box using a fence board and use the license plate for the front.

This now easily holds three rolls of toilet paper within reach but out of the way. While sneaking a bit of California into the space.

What started the refresh was the boys towel rack ripping straight out of the wall. It wasn’t even secured into a stud and we couldn’t even find one in the wall. So there was no wonder it tore out. I didn’t want to use fence boards for the towel bars and I wanted to bevel the edges to add a little something. Using my router I quickly went along the edges before adding a clear coat to the pine. It’s going to be in the bathroom and I don’t want it to mold. I also sprayed a clear coat over the metal so it doesn’t rust.

The hardware cost a few dollars less than a new towel rack would have been. We secured the wood into the wall using drywall anchors so there would be no issue with them accidentally ripping out down the line. Also curved shower curtain bars. If you don’t have them, get them! The extra room with the shower curtain helps keep the water in and the curtain isn’t always right on you while you’re in the shower.

A few simple changes and some darker tones because they are MEN now. Kept it simple and decor free. As much as I wanted to while roaming the aisles of Target. $45 for everything. I don’t think it will encourage them to clean their bathroom more often but a girl can dream!

Is there a room that you need to do a refresh to? I’m moving onto another bathroom in a few days. Wish me luck, my husband hates this idea too! Thanks for reading.


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  1. Cool….something about a little refreshing that feels quite satisfying! I often change curtains and colors of accessories to change it up…it feels and looks nice.

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