Crazy Chicken People

So we live in an HOA ruled community. It’s beautiful and we love it. The amenities are amazing, but we struggle with the restrictions. It is just not our forever home. So when Texas passed a Backyard Chicken Law we went for it! We were told that it could not be overruled by the HOA and we were thrilled!

We went with a coop from Tractor Supply Company and loved how it looked next to our garden.

We went with a mixed batch of chicken breeds, Plymouth Rocks, and Rhode Island Reds.

I should mention we had a new puppy as well. Talk about stress.

They are adorable and have so much personality.

My favorite HGTV…I just couldn’t help myself. They reshared my photo and I was giddy.

The kiddos loved spending time with the chicks and loved the responsibilities that came with their new pets.

We were really excited to be able to show them hands on what the cycle of food is. How much hard work and patience and caring went into each egg that the chicks would eventually gift us with.

Their cuteness and little chirps brought us a lot of laughter.

The Alpha chick soon made herself present and Brooke renamed her Top Chick.

The puppy was equally curious about the chickens as they were with her.

She soon became very watchful over them and would herd them back into the coop in the evenings.

Before we knew it we were finding random eggs!

They were AMAZING and we never had enough with our big family. Breakfasts took on a new excitement.

They loved my garden. I had one of these on either side of my fence. My tomatoes didn’t stand a chance, neither did my watermelons or pumpkins. Okay, nothing stood a chance but they were munching away and our grass never looked better!

But to our total surprise and devastation, the Texas Bill actually fell through the cracks and we had to get rid of our girls! I was able to find a deserving family and gift them to them. They had an acre so they would be able to roam. It was such a fun experience for the kids and I was so proud of how they took on their responsibilities and how they became proud of themselves once the eggs started appearing. They can’t wait until we get our own piece of land and can have a coop and chickens again.

So we are no longer the crazy chicken people but someday, hopefully, soon we will be again!

Have you ever had chickens of your own?

– Dani

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