DIY Bath Tray

I’m trying to make an effort with my self care, and I want you to as well! I know that not everyone has the tools in their garage that you may need to take on some of the projects that I share. I wanted to make something that everyone could do for themselves. Hopefully you already have these common tools for your household, if not they are fairly inexpensive.

For this bath tub tray you will need a

1 x 6 common pine board
1 x 3 common pine board
Tape measure
Finishing nails
Sanding block
Wood glue
Stain color of choice
Paint Brush

Before you head to the hardware store you need to take a few measurements. You will need to measure the width of your bathtub (inside and outside edge). I purchased a 1 x 6 and 1 x 3 common pine boards. It is inexpensive and easy to work with.

Make sure that you take the boards and inspect them to make sure that they are straight, and not bent or warped. Make sure that they are free of large gouges or cracks as well.

Take the boards to one of the lumber reps and have them cut the 1 x 6 board to the length that you need to match the width of your tub you will need two at the same length.  Next have them cut the 1 x 3 you will need two pieces at 11 inches that will be nailed to the bottom for support.

When you get home thoroughly go over the boards with your sanding block. It frees yourself from splinters while opening up the grain of the wood to accept the stain. Find a flat surface with enough room to work and measure and mark the outside of the boards so that the cross member will be inside the tub. Make several marks so that you can be certain your board is flush and square.

Apply wood glue to your support piece and nail into place.

I used three nails per board. You can use as many as you feel is necessary.  Repeat on the other side. Wipe off any excess glue with a damp paper towel.

When you are applying the stain make sure that the surface area you are working on is covered. I was working on scrap wood. Allow the stain to dry for a few hours before applying the clear coat.

I used my Cricut Air 2 to give myself a little reminder. Nagging myself instead of my family for a change 😉

Once your tray is completely dry you are ready for the clear coat. I used a quick drying water based polycrylic. I don’t want to worry about glass rings or the tray getting wet. Plus it makes it shiny. You only need one solid coat. Make sure there are no runs along the edges as you go.

See the difference in the two boards? So shiny!

Wait at least an hour before making sure its completely dry and ready to go on your tub. If you haven’t read Girl Wash Your Face yet, go and order it! Its worth the read!

Now relax and enjoy your efforts!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you make one for yourself!

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