Elf On The Shelf

It’s that time of year again…
I have always had a blast with our elf. I enjoy having it be a little naughty, the kids’ expressions made the sneaking around after they went to be worth it.
Other nights I would just be thankful I found a hiding spot I hadn’t already used.
It balances out, right?

One of the best things we have done with our Elf is adding safety wire to its’ body!

We put a piece into both legs, its torso and arms.
By doing so we have been able to hang the Elf and have it sit straight up for some of our antics.

It makes the hiding spot days a little easier!

The little hand clasp in the lamp!

We were gifted another Elf along the years…and then ANOTHER!



Sweet snacks are always a bonus.

Poker night with Woody, Buzz and Iron Man was one of my favorite Elf ideas.

Making Gingerbread houses out of random treatsĀ in the pantry.

My daughters birthday is a few days before Christmas so Elf always decorated the tree.

Writing notes or coloring a silly picture always brought smiles.

One day he brought a new rugby ball!

Or just played Candy Land.

Johnny was scared to touch his cars all day when I lay them out like this.

Another easy day of just shelving it.

This was MESSY.

Elves watching Elf.

Hanging out on the dinner bell.

See that safety wire is so helpful!

Bob the mechanic.

Can never go wrong with sprinkles.

Date night.

See I loved poker night so much that I repeated it the next year with a few new players.

Another easy idea.


My kids no longer believe in Santa so they like to add to the shenanigans sometimes. I still hide the Elf because my daughter gets the most enjoyment out of it. This is her playing an Elf.

Skydiving was a hit so far this year!

I know it’s another thing that we have to do at night before bed. I know that sometimes we lay in bed and go over everything we didn’t do right that day or did we start the dryer…again? This special season in our kids’ lives goes so quickly that we will blink and it will be over. If you don’t have the Elf in your home at all I completely understand as well! Just enjoy the small moments of the season and show yourself some grace.

Merry Christmas & happy hiding!


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