Here I go!

Why now? Well as my kids get older I am seeing how valuable it is to show them that you can be scared of failure but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t just get after it! I have always wanted to blog as a creative outlet. I used to love writing and somewhere along the way I lost that part of myself. I want to share my creative outlook on life in general, my projects or ideas and our trips big and small!

A little about myself…I’m 31 and originally from San Diego. I miss the beach everyday living in the middle of the great state of Texas! I’ve been married since I was 19 to my husband Brian, who is a Marine Corps Veteran. I’m Mom to 4 awesome kids who all love rugby more than I can explain. I love being outside, I love exploring new places, I love stability but I’m not a fan of routine! When I walk into a new place I admire it and then completely redo it in my head within a few seconds. Crooked pictures or paintings drive me crazy and if I can reach them I will try and casually adjust them. I have Metallica and Britney Spears and everything in between on my playlist. I like to laugh. A lot. I have lists in spiral notebooks because I tend to not put the notebooks back in the same place. I’m always barefoot or in flip flops. I dream of owning a farm with a big red barn & a home with wrap around porch, fireplace and massive kitchen. But for now I’m in suburbia, trying to not drive my neighbors crazy with my projects and enjoying watching my kids play in the cul-de-sac. I hope my sense of humor can connect with you. I’m a smart ass with good intentions, I just know that life is too short to not find the laughable moments in our tough moments. Thank you for reading, here’s to new beginnings and new adventures!



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