Hi! I’m still here…well trying to be!

First off I am sorry that I have been MIA for several weeks. When I finally started this blog it was my intention to post at least twice a week, but I am human (shocker) and life had gotten in the way. When I get stressed out the last thing that I can be is creative, which is very frustrating because being creative is my stress reliever. Wait what? I know I make no sense sometimes and my husband still isn’t used to it either!

I still haven’t taken a bath using my bath tray. But my daughter has taken several and we did have a fun feet soaking session in there the other day after my double door install. Complete with ten candles and Katy Perry. Just what I needed after a long day.

I don’t write a lot on social media, I often let my pictures say the 1000 words and cover up what might be happening in the background or during other parts of the day. I know I am like many of you when I say that. If you really wanted to know what was going on with me or my family I figure you’d just ask, not wait for me to share it on social media. But I too get the feeling like I am being nosey and I sometimes let me “love” or “like” do the talking when it comes to checking in on friends or family. My stresses are my burdens and I’d never want to share those with someone that I care about.

The end of summer always leaves me feeling strange. I know that not everything on our bucket list was check off, and that leaves me heavy with guilt rolling into the holiday season. We did have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs but I will always think that there could have been more!

I worked on several projects over the last month or so, one of them being one that I am extremely proud of. But you guys….I didn’t even take the time to stop and take a good photo of it. I took two, one in horrible 2 am garage lighting and the second as I was loading it into the back of my truck on my tip toes and I still wasn’t able to get the entire sign. In my defense it is 8ft long, but still! I was so nervous and excited to drop it off to my client that I didn’t give myself the time I deserved to sit back and be proud of my work. Lesson learned I guess! I was asked to make the sign and was given creative freedom with a few requests. I wanted to make it as unique as I could with my clients vision still in mind, which is always my goal. The word valhalla holds a lot of meaning for those currently serving or who have served in the military. It’s a place of honor, glory and happiness regarded for heroes. It is a powerful word and I wanted to do something special with it. I chose to use a viking font with my own touches. I exaggerated some of the letters to add more character. It took me about 20 hours to hand cut, sand and paint the letters. That’s not including the letters that I snapped while carving them out. I don’t want to remember those lost hours. The sign is meant to be outdoors so I used cedar for the backing and black paint with several coats of clear coat to protect it from these harsh Texas elements. My client loved it and I might have to bug them for a better photo if I get the nerve. But here are my two tip toed photos.

Thanks for reading. Thank you for sticking around. What was the best thing about your summer? What are you looking forward to about the fall season?

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