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Our upstairs game room has had many uses in the three years that we have been here. The first few months it was a catch all play room. Half storage half fun. Always chaos. Then it became a work out room….where we sometimes worked out.
We had always wanted a game room space. Poker room, Big Game watching, darts, dedicated manly area. I have most of the say style wise for all of the other rooms in the house that I really wanted this room to stand alone. But per usual my husband didn’t like any of my ideas. So per usual I went with my gut out of all of my suggestions and got to work while he was away hunting one weekend! We already have a wood wall downstairs, and I wanted to carry a similar look but not be matchy. Vertical, darker tones was what I went with. The wall has an odd angle on the far left corner where it gets the most light, so I started on that side. Less commitment and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go over the door of the boys room yet. So left to right just made sense.

First few pieces went up and the nerves kicked in. Good idea? Bad idea? Agh! Also this Ryobi Finishing Nailer really is my favorite tool. I’m not sponsored but it saves me so much headache! No dragging around an air compressor and tripping over hoses and the LOUD noise when the compressor refills was always inconvenient in a clients home. I love it. The kids can easily use it and it’s just so convenient!

Had to use the new puppy to model the wall off when I sent my husband a picture. You can’t be upset at something if there is a puppy in the picture right?

He wasn’t, my plan worked! I got back to it with the kids helping me. When I’m doing a wall like this I will step back every few rows and assess my progress to make sure that I am not going too heavy on a certain tone or texture. I will then visualize my next choices, keep going and repeat!

I then fell off of the ladder on my last piece! Like crashing down, bringing the ladder with me free fall. My leg was bruised up, I had a swollen knee and both hands hurt from carpet burn. It was embarrassing and I wish I had it on camera. I amazingly missed the 4 kids sitting on the floor around me. So I took a few days off.

The wall has an angle leading to the door that I knew would hold the dart board when I planned the room out. The bar measurements we had planned there was still enough room to walk back and forth to the board without obstruction. I still wasn’t decided on taking the wall above the bedroom door.

My husband jumped in and we got to work on the bar. We wanted to keep it simple so when we make the barstools they can stand out. We don’t want every aspect of the room fighting the other. Does that make sense? The wall is busy, the bar stools will be unique, so leave the bar base simple. Corrugated metal is inexpensive and straight forward to work with.

The bar base is made with 2×4’s. Another check in the affordable box. We wanted two shelves instead of keeping it open for a keg. The bar top we still haven’t figured out what we want to do with. Stained concrete is an option and floating engine parts in resin is our other idea. I can see them both completed and love both ideas. 

I found this fun bottle opener and secured it to the side of the bar. 

The metal was WAY too shiny. Not the look that we wanted.

We read a lot of tutorials on aging the steel and did a few test pieces. A few Pinterest fails later we used something that was already in our garage! My husband had some etching acid because he uses it for making damascus knives. The changes to the metal were almost instant and it took less than an hour to prep the space, apply the and clean up. You need to wear gloves and safety glasses while using it and open a window. Read the directions and make sure you lay a tarp or some kind of floor protector down.  I’m so glad that we aged it.
We also made a bimini ring game. Brian did all the work on that! The string had to be exactly the right length, and away from the wall just right and I just wasn’t having it. I still a few months later take 20 plus times to hook it! Practice has not made perfect for my bimini skills. My son Johnny can usually get it on his second or third time though!

We still need to make the barstools, need to decide if we are adding a poker table or just keeping the room simple. We spend a lot of time in the game room. The kids love throwing darts and they have all of their board games stored in the bar. The makeover definitely added a lot of living space to our home. The cost was around $250. Probably closer to $225 but the little parts add up you know? What do you think we should do for the bar top? Are you a fan of the concrete or resin idea? Do you have a different one? Help an indecisive lady out! Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Love this room and all the love that went into making it! Concrete would be really cool to do! I’ve seen a lot of videos where they pour some type of liquid and it ends up looking like marble! It could be really neat with some darker colors!

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