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Brooke was insistent that I show her room next for my home tour posts. Her room is so hard to photograph, because there is only one window and she only gets about two hours of direct light before the sun goes behind our neighbors house. So I’m sorry that the lighting is different in the photos. Her furniture is such a distinct color that I can’t change the lighting too much without distorting the blue.

She wanted an ocean theme for her room. Little touches of mermaid, and the color of her furniture was where I wanted to make the most impact. Last year was the first time in her life that she was going to have her own room, so I wanted to make it as special as I could. As girly as she would let me get away with! The only pink in our house is in her room, and its pushing it for her!
I found the paint on the oops rack at Home Depot. I went crazy for it and did as many projects as I could before it ran out. I have tried to recreate the color a few times with no luck. I guess her bed is limited edition. Unless Behr Paint can help me out! A girl can dream.

Her bed has a 4 inch toe kick which helps give her bed the height that she wanted. She loves jumping into bed every night. We started collecting dream catchers after a road trip last summer. She wants them to take over her wall behind her bed completely.

She has loved hanging her drawings on the wall as soon as she finishes them, but the fan blowing moves the papers and has been bothering her while she sleeps at night. It was a good excuse to start another gallery wall.

I made the dreamcatcher sign for her. I got the Wild and Free sign along with the one above it from Joann’s for $9 for the pair. SCORE. She also wanted the poster for the last Austin Elite Rugby season. I need to paint the legs from her desk, but we can’t decide on a color yet. I want white and Brooke wants to paint them with her paints. I can’t y’all.

I’ve been making as many things as I can with the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine I got last month. It’s a big learning curve for me. I don’t see myself as crafty!

I wanted to make desk large enough that she and someone else could both sit there together. The kids have turned it into a little fort a few times too.

Building her triangle shelf was such a struggle! But she loves it and it was a learning experience and worth the new wrinkles. Her wall has a few pieces of art from her Grandpa, and pictures of her favorite Olympic gymnasts. These stickers are a little too cutesy for her now, so within the next few weeks we will take them down and possibly change out the wall completely.

Now her artwork is at the entrance to her room and she’s so excited. Also one of the 6 American flags that we have hanging in our home.

I made these with one board, some spray paint and picture wire.

What do you like most about Brooke’s room? What do you think is missing? I’d love to hear it! Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “House Tour – Brooke’s Room”

  1. I love Brooke’s room! Her bed….wow! Love that color. Thanks for the idea for hanging pictures, we are totally going to steal that for L’s room.

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