IKEA Hack Headboard

You might be surprised to learn that I didn’t make my headboard. I mean I sanded, put several coats of polyurethane and added lights to it but I didn’t to do much else. It’s actually a butcher block countertop from IKEA. It makes my husband cringe!

I was trying to sell our dining room table and benches but with 6 of us at home and many meals a day I knew that we couldn’t go a week or so without a table. I went to Ikea for candles and something else random that I can’t remember now. I always pop into their clearance section or whatever that place is called. Where they are selling their model items as is? That place. Well they had countertops boxed up for $30-40 a piece. I was trying to get a look into the boxes without completely shredding them but that wasn’t happening. One of them simply said butcher block. I called my husband to talk me out of it and he didn’t answer. I called him again. No answer. Well, I tried….so I went and found a cart for my few candles, the other random thing that I can still not remember.

I awkwardly made the butcher block into the back of the truck and came home to a husband rolling his eyes. In his mind it was more stuff to add to our already crammed garage. When I got the corner of the box opened we were both pleasantly surprised at how pretty it was. Because our table hadn’t sold we put the butcher block in a secure location in between the wall and our garage fridge. Very professional. Call me for your organizational needs. I left it there for a few months because our table did not sell and we didn’t have the room for my to do anything with the butcher block. I honestly forgot about it. I was trying to see what I could use to make a headboard for us because we had sold ours. I went to the fridge for water and glanced at the plywood and box that we beside the fridge and pictured the butcher block above our bed. Because I had painted the wall such a dark color anything else that I bring into the room needs to be light toned. I dragged the box out and completely opened it up to measure the dimensions. It would fit perfectly! Now I had to make it my own.

I thought about changing the color, but that was one of the things that originally appealed to me. I thought about maybe painting a pattern on to it. Didn’t like that idea either. But I went to work on sanding it and adding a few clear coats to it, because everyone likes shiny things. While I was brushing on the clear coat I was thinking about what else our bedroom needed. Side tables, lights, bed frame….light bulb. How could I add lights to the headboard? I went to Pinterest so that I would be able to show Brian the look that I was going to try and achieve. He said that he would help me with putting the lights together because at the time I have no idea what I am doing with electricity. We went to Home Depot and we both like the Edison light bulbs, so we wanted to do an industrial cage, paired with steel plumbing to hide the wires.

For the 2 lamp kits, steel plumbing, light bulbs and cages the total cost was $70. Twice as much as the butcher block but $100 for a headboard? Can’t really complain.

We made the light fixtures work independently of each other, they are always plugged in and they have the thumb switch on the wire. We love the look that they brought to the room. The color of the headboard pops off of the dark wall, we use the lights a lot more than I thought we would. We hung the headboard off the wall with a cleat and you can’t even see it from the sides of the headboard.

Still don’t have a bed frame but I’ll get to that eventually! So don’t be afraid to go outside the box, get creative with what you have, and add your own touch to something you already have! I don’t have a dreamy kitchen island (yet!) but I do have a headboard that I love! Thank you for reading, let me know if you have any questions!

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