My Highlight Reel

A friend posted about being tired of seeing the “perfect” photos with the “perfectly” dressed kids with beautiful, clean homes and laughter filled moments. She expressed how exhausting it is to compare yourself and your harder moments to those. Yes, some days it may be tough to see those glimpses of perfection when your day might not be going as planned, but we have to KNOW that everyone has hard days. If you think that everyone else has a perfect life, perfect day or perfect kids then that is really an issue you have in your view of the world. My photos are my highlight reel. I don’t whip out my camera during the hard moments, I don’t snap a picture of my families down times. I don’t want a visual reminder of our struggles. Trust me they keep me awake at night and eat me away during the day. Share the good and your pride in your life. Share the struggles and how you triumphed them. Share the part that makes you unique and might help others. Share the tasty cake you made while hiding your messy kitchen, share the clean room that the kids haven’t destroyed yet, share the outfit that you feel rockin in, share the smiling selfie, share what you want and just encourage everyone you feel like you can. Spread the love!

Do you struggle with seeing all of the picture “perfect” squares on your hard days or does it encourage you to push through your day and know that everyone struggles as well? I know that personally, I have “unfollowed” a lot of people that I once admired and held in this high regard because I just felt like I could see the fake and the multiple filters. Like I said before I’m not going to take a photo of the crappiest part of my day, but I will be honest, I will talk about my struggles. Sometimes it just takes a little prying, because you never know who is enjoying seeing you falter or fall, and I definitely have built a wall.

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