Project Round Up

Hi! Hey! Howdy! I don’t know how to start off these without feeling like I am waving frantically through my screen. Because I am.

I wasn’t very active on my site for several weeks because life & work just left me feeling drained. But in those several weeks, I built several things that I am proud of.

I was blessed with an opportunity to build two doors for a brand new home. Both of their styles completely different, which was challenging & fun. My client loves color and has such a fun personality that I wanted to give her something special and completely unique to her for her master bedroom. She had a color chosen for another piece in her home and I went with that color and the rest of the colors on that color strip. I love how you can still see the grain and character in the wood while getting a fun flair of color without it being too busy.

I then made a door for her hallway near her entry. She loves the Texas star and she uses it in a fun decor way throughout her home so I wanted to incorporate that. Even the handle has a little star on it. The hallway leads into an area for her son so I wanted to still keep it rustic because boys. I added some character with wood burning to enhance the grain.
The door is stained a custom mixture of stains to incorporate the tones that are already in her home.

I then went full force for 36 hours and knocked three pieces out. The USMC letters are hand cut. Each time I cut a new piece I feel more confident. Changing the blades often really helps when you are doing more detailed pieces. My little sister recently moved into a home she and her husband purchased. I obviously wanted to make them something to use in their new place. The welcome sign was a fun color with the paw print for the “O”. I painted the American flag but used my Cricut¬†for the stars because I was in a time crunch and I never want to mess up a flag.

The USMC sign is 4 feet tall. I wanted to make something for our game room. Even though we have 5 American flags in our home, you would never know that my husband is a Veteran. He is proud of his service (as he should be! 4 deployments and over 8 years of active duty) he feels like he is bragging. I made it for him as a surprise and even though he likes it he would rather something else go in its place! I used our dog Cal as a size reference.

I still need to make barstools for our bar area. I want to make 4 of them and I think I want to do old tractor seats for the main part of the stools. We are going to the Round Top Antique fair in a few weeks and I am hoping I will be able to find something for them there. Have you ever been to Round Top? It is where the Junk Gypsy sisters are located. Their store is amazing, and twice a year for several weeks antique dealers from around the nation come and its a blast. Bring some comfy shoes and dress for the Texas humidity and enjoy all of the eye candy! You’ll never see the same thing twice.

I am starting on another door this week. I am excited about this one….I know I say that about every piece that I make but really I do get excited. It will be another new for me design, and I love the challenge that comes with making my client’s vision come to life.

What have you been working on lately? I would love to hear it!

Have a great week. – Dani

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