Round Top Round Up

The Round Top Texas Antique Week is something we look forward to every year. We sometimes go with a certain thing in mind that we are looking for or we just wing it and hope to come home with some new treasures. Either way, we enjoy looking at all of the “stuff” and it’s a day of walking, talking and people watching. This year we went hoping to find barstools or inspiration for barstools for our upstairs game room. We have so many ideas in mind that it is kind of overwhelming. We had the little ones with us and we gave them each $20 to spend on whatever they chose.

We drove into town a few minutes after ten that morning. Junk Gypsy had just opened up for the day so we went their first. That store is always filled with eye candy and normally packed so to get there with just a few other shoppers in the store was a treat. The girls came inside with me, while the guys hung out on the front lawn in their hammocks.

Inside we took our time looking at each vignette and the accessories. Inspiration galore! I always love their use of color.

I’ve never been a pink girl, but this room had me contemplating changing that!

That headboard! That desk! Okay, I could say that about everything in the room.

I always love how they mix rustic with chic and new. Old signs with gold handle teacups.

I picked up that dress and carried it around the entire time we were there. But chickened out buying it.

I loved all of these blankets!

We made sure to stop at Royers Pie Haven.

We left Round Top and drove into Warrenton. Your eyes will not be disappointed while you’re visiting.

Accurate and creepy. We, of course, went inside anyways.

We saw this booth early in the day and I loved the tractor seat barstool. They of course only had one! I went looking for at least 3 tractor seats but lucked out finding 4. I don’t think I will do the brake discs for the bottom, I am thinking stubbed children’s toes, so maybe metal legs with a unique twisted footrest?

It was a great day, we walked for hours and shared a lot of laughs and came home with a new project and some sort of vision in mind. I’m already looking forward to next time!

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