Scrap Succulent Planters

I have had a few intentions around my house the past few months. Besides the usual chore goals. These have been more focused on personal happiness in my house. I have wanted to incorporate more of my personal style, use as much scrap wood as I can and just create!

If I’m being honest when I get stressed I tend to have a creative block. Like complete block. Which is frustrating because when I’m stressed being creative and building brings me a bit of joy and satisfaction. I love creating something from a few pieces of material.

This intention is where my idea for succulent planters for my dining room came from. I wanted to tie together the farmhouse table and light fixture that we made, while adding some greenery that I hopefully will be able to keep alive! Ha. Seriously keeping kids alive is easier for me than figuring out if my plants need less or more water! How am I ever going to be self sustaining when we get acerage? That’s a different conversation and I’ll save the stress for later and get back to the point of this post.

The walls on either side of my window are slightly uneven in width. This has always driven me crazy, especially because I want to do something matching. I went looking in my garage for what materials I already had. What I had on hand was going to be the base of my design. Thankfully I had a lot of scrap to work with. I had two pieces of thin plywood. They were longer and wider than what I wanted but coarsely cut. I found a few fence boards hiding in my wood shelf as well. Win win! I went back to my walls and had a measurement of 16 inches wide that would work well with both sides. I decided to do a dark backer to compliment the table & light fixture. I decided keep the fence boards as light and natural as I could so they would stand out from the backer. I wanted to have a few small succulents on either side, 4 seemed like it would be too cluttered and 2 felt like not enough, so like Goldilocks I went with the one in the middle and settled on three.

The width of the fence boards is roughly 5 and a half inches so I was going to use the most out of each piece and use the entire width for the front and back of the boxes. I didn’t want the boxes jutting out of the wall either because we walk by both sides to sit on our bench at the table. I bought small succulents so I only made the boxes 4 inches off of the backboard. I apologize for not having photos, but I made this before I commited to blogging finally!

You’ll need the front and back sides as wide as you would like your box to be, and the side pieces will be different depending on how large you want your box to be. My side pieces were 3.25 inches, that came from taking away the width of the front and back pieces. I would make the frame of your boxes first, and then make each bottom piece one at a time. Mine were all different measurements and required 4 cuts. For the bottom of your box it might be easier to place your frame on top of the piece and trace your square and cut from there. With the fence boards the wood width wasn’t completely even among the scrap pieces. If you are using pine you might not have this issue. I braced the back of the frame so I could have something to secure the boxes into.

I know that I need decor in this room. It’s just the busiest spot in my home and gets cluttered with notebooks, backpacks, water bottles and other random things so frequently through the day that I keep it bare. I’ve also been searching for the perfect chairs for the ends of my table with no luck. I found two at an antique store but they were over two hundred dollars each. My table was less than $100 to make so that wasn’t happening!

I haven’t killed my plants….yet! No one has smacked their heads…..yet!

I love the changes that we have made to this room.

I think that I am going to go and buy myself some flowers and make a little centerpiece again to tie everything together. What do you have laying around your garage that you can create something with? What is an intention in your home that you need to make happen? Whatever good thing that it is, DO IT! You’ll be so happy that you did! Thanks for reading!

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