The Best of June

June was a pretty great month! I can’t believe we are on the downward slide for the years and that summer is already nearly halfway over! But back to June!

For starters after 10 years of slacking I finally started this website & blog! Many tears of frustration were shed because I can build furniture seemingly easily and this technology thing throws a monkey wrench at my brain function! So I’m giving myself a big of kudos which I rarely do! OK enough of that…

Our month started off with me making a set of corn hole boards for Austin Elite Rugby. Did you know that Austin has a Major League Rugby team? Their season just ended but be on the lookout next spring for even more matches!

We got to watch Sean on the pitch for a 15’s match. He dominated with 2 try’s and went 5 for 5 on his kicks. There’s nothing better than watching your kids participate in their passion. It was 103* that day! Both teams were so impressive. We were sweating in the stands!

The next week we ventured to Enchanted Rock State Park. It had been on our bucket list and it was better than we expected! We shared a lot of laughs and took our time exploring.

When we got to the top a man asked me to take a photo of him & the woman he was with. I took a few and he asked me to take just one more and he got down on his knee and proposed! His fiancé was completely surprised. I just kept clicking away. When they walked back towards me my husband said “Someone feels enchanted today!” I am wishing them a lifetime of happiness!

We spent lots of time at the pool.

David traveled to our home town of San Diego with the Austin Elite for the last game of the season. We wanted to make the road trip out but couldn’t pull it off. Thankfully David had a lot of friends and family cheering him on.

The game was on Father’s Day. We watched from home!

I was able to surprise my husband with his Father’s Day Gift.

Johnny turned TEN! We went to Typhoon Texas to celebrate. This picture is of him after he went down the free fall slide. He went up nervous and came down laughing! Here’s to being TEN!

I took the kids fishing and we caught the sunrise. We got rained out a shortly after. While we were running to the truck we accidentally brought the bait fish that they had caught to use later for Gar. They named him Jeff and released him a few days later. He escaped in the drive-thru on the way home and lasted in a bucked in our dining room. We think that he will be a prize winning fish someday.

We spent the day at Lake Travis. Zero fun was had. Clearly.



Lots of time spent on the water this month. Here’s to July and more adventures!

What was your highlight of June?

Thanks for reading!

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