Trick or Treat

Halloween has always been one of our families favorite holidays. My husband wasn’t around for the 8 Halloweens of our marriage while he was in the military. So ever since we have gone ALL out! The last two that we have lived in this home we have really been able to have some fun and be creative.

Last year I think we truly terrified our neighborhood. Even during the day, people were crossing the street to avoid walking in front of our home. Sorry, not sorry.

We went with a scary carnival theme and had a blast working on it and pulling it all together. The little kids really helped out and added their own touches.

Johnny and Brooke replaced the skeleton with themselves after they made their round trick-or-treating. They held still until people got close and then they would jump out. It was hysterical. A lot of people stopped to take their photo and had a blast with it.

Brian and I handed out candy at the Can-die stand and we kept the front door open with spooky sounds & the fog machine.

The mailman waited for a few minutes when he was dropping off a package to see if this jack-in-the-box was real. I opened the door and he said he wasn’t leaving until it moved. I felt bad disappointing him.

I was a party pooper and didn’t go along with the clown theme. They terrify me. I did a lame attempt at a sugar skull. I spent more time on Brooke’s makeup. That counts for something right???

The year prior we came up with the monster house look. The hand coming out of the window wasn’t the right size looking back, but it was an added touch. Once we forced it in there we weren’t taking it back out! The kids were the perfect size for the coffin and regularly hid in there and scared their friends. Putting the eye in the light cut out of the house was sketchy. It was attached to the upper teeth and they worked together to hold in place. The tombstones were ridiculous, but that’s what Halloween is about!

This year we can’t decide what we will do. It’s a daily conversation and I’m excited to make a plan and get started. We are only allowed to have outside decorations up for two weeks so we want to be ready to go when the day approaches. Do you go all out for Halloween? Do you have an idea for what we should do this year? What are you going to dress up as? Will you share your candy with me?

Thanks for reading!

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