Vision Boards

You are what you manifest.

I finally decided to make my vision boards! I’m a constant hoarder of magazine tear outs. I’m so ridiculous I even have my tear outs in their own organized folders.

I wasn’t going to do the New Year new me thing, but I did want to start 2019 off with something that I had been wanting to do. I couldn’t figure out a place where I wanted my vision board to be so I could see it every day while not looking ridiculous. I placed the poster board that I had in a few spots around my room and just decided to place them next to my bed. That way I can look at them every morning when I wake up.

I went through my tear outs looking at each page trying to see what reason I had originally torn it out. I wound up recycling half of my pages during this process. I made a pile of what was still inspiring me for the future and drooled over all of the recipes I still hadn’t made and put them back in their folder for another day.

Old school Pinterest.

I didn’t have as many words or quotes as I wanted. Find your calling. Home. Country. Work hard & be nice to people. The only one that I felt like was missing was family. But all of those things make me think about my family and where I want to be with them.

Adventure seemed to be a big part of what I want more of in my life. Travel, the Costa Rican colon. I want us to take a family vacation during Christmas time instead of presents this year. Animals, furry longhorns, a buffalo, cheeky goats and some chickens. Nature, a big farmhouse with lots of space for us more than a backyard where I can see what my neighbor is grilling before they decide to wave back at me. My husband wants a thousand acres and I get wide-eyed because I am the one that mows our current tiny backyard.

Martha Stewart! Need I say more? If I could make a summer camp for myself it would be to travel around with her for a week and I would cry when I left and promise to be back next year and write letters every week.

Martha, I love you.

An indoor slide. Bringing the laundry upstairs would be more exciting, obviously. I already tried to figure out if we could put one in our house. My husband thought I had lost my mind and I was surprised he wasn’t getting creative with me.

Color! I want to break out of my safe space with the decor of my home. I’ll have to sneak in a few more pillows but I haven’t bought any in over a year so I already have less guilt!

To me, this is picture perfect

Have you ever made a vision board? What do you want more out of in life? Not just in 2019 but in life? I’d love to see your vision boards or hear your goals!

I was gifted this by a wonderful friend. I have it where I can grab it when I know I need to read it. I hope it fills you with some goodness.

Thanks for reading, Dani.

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